CJO 23-020 Approves Changes to UTCRs Effective August 1

Chief Justice Meagan Flynn has signed CJO 23-020, which approves changes to the Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR) effective August 1, with one change effective February 1, 2024. Media release

Changes of special note: require a person remotely observing or participating in a proceeding to obtain permission before transmitting an electronic writing directly and specifically to a witness, until the witness is excused; in criminal cases, allow a party to request that a pretrial motion hearing be held prior to the date of trial, if so requested, the hearing must be held at least 7 days before trial, absent good cause; allow parties to agree to appear remotely to resolve cases outside of the court with jurisdiction over the county where the defendant is in custody; remove plea agreements and negotiations from the type of activity that must be completed pursuant to certain deadlines; allow persons to request accommodation for expression of milk; allow joint petitions in certain domestic relations actions; and allow courts to accept oral Informal Domestic Relations Trial (IDRT) related waivers and to allow a party to opt in or out of the IDRT process at any time prior to trial.

Public comment on the amendment of Uniform Trial Court Rule (UTCR) 3.180, 4.010, and 7.010 is invited and may be submitted to the OJD by September 22. More information.

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